Ars Longa Vita Brevis

  • Tanzanian mythology


    My day to day work is animating, illustrating and photography. I also teach students and conduct workshops. I just completed a third children’s book for “Connecting Tanzania” about Hamisi, a little lizard learning and growing …

  • Hard Rock MP3 Package Design

    Print & Logo Design


  • Maya-3D-samples

    Motion Graphics & Animation

          I began studying and using 3D and other animation software in the 1990s. Flash was brought on the scene via 2 young developers and purchased by Macromedia. Maya was called Softimage 3D …

  • emma-goldman

    “Work in Progress”…

    … as in “the progressive movement” rather than an unfinished project. Several years ago, I began a film on the subject of laborers in the granite quarries in Barre, Vermont. Originally, my interest was spurred …

  • Raku by Louise Michaels

    My Raku

        Raku sculpture – I began working in clay as a child and was fascinated with how freely I could create shapes and meaning with enormous expressive opportunities. On and off over my lifetime, …